Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Sweden 2010

Here we go then, a quick tour of the tiny part of Sweden that I managed to see during the past seven days. First stop my brothers place in Vasteras. Apologies to any Swedish readers for the lack of inflections, afraid I don't have those on my keyboard.

Then a one hour journey courtesy of Swedish railways to 3 full days in Stockholm with a double booking mistake at our hotel which led to a fabulous, free upgrade including a fully paid for taxi across the city to our new accomodation!! Wow!!

The wondeful Stockholm island of Djurgarden. Check it out, fantastic. Stunning views, truly breathtaking.

Do I need to say more where this next picture is concerned??? I seem to remember spending a lot of time in here, maybe a little money too!

and something equally as beautiful, Svenskt Tenn. Truly stunning contemporary design. I couldn't even afford a paper bag in here though.

I really hope these next pictures make you gasp, deep in the woods, miles from anywhere. A little red riding hood..ish.

The home of my brothers father in law and his lovely wife. Words fail me.

I believe that this is the outdoor loo, never used, far too pretty.

Then back to Vasteras and my brothers house for a few days, with a view to die for.


  1. Looks absolutely blissful.
    travels scramble my brain too.

  2. Fantastic, it looks so swedish. Love the Svenskt tenn, that is so swedish, so scandanavian. Glad you had such a great time in the land we thought we would end up.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! That is one lucky brother that you have there.

  4. Oh, I can hardly wait. June is when we will go and visit my son. You are making it hard to wait except I want to go when the weather gets better. Rick is so bad about taking photos but he does say it is absolutely beautiful and I see from your photos it is. :-) I am happy you had a great time. What are the must sees?

    Have a great day!

  5. Karen,
    It looks like you had a marvelous time!
    Wonderful to see Sweden through your lens and passion.

  6. By the way , you forgot your dirty socks!

  7. Karen, I absolutely love Sweden. I have friends there and visit so often as I can!

  8. Hi Karen !
    Very nice photos of my country! And your brothers house are really beautiful !!!
    I hope you feel well ?